Sunday, April 1, 2012

March 2012

A wild daffodil

you thought this would be out in March -    I bet!

I know, it is April, not March. Just a little late.
Spring has arrived. It has been warmer than normal, and I find that the warm weather and sunshine are wonderful. Flowers have bloomed and so have the trees. Bees are a buzzing.
As always in March,Marsannay-la-Côte has a "Journées Gourmandes". Keith and I decided to head over there and see what we could have for lunch. There is a wealth of choices of things to eat. This year they even had fried frog legs, but I did not go there. I picked a charcuterie plate (assiette)  and Keith had oysters and cheese. We bought some fresh bread and a glass of wine. Could it get any better?
So simple and yet SO GOOD...the ham was sublime

One of the warm days I stopped by the old mill just outside of Messanges. The mill had been given to the Catholic church at Cluny ( not this exact one, the mill in the photo was built later) by the family Vergy. It is now an historic monument.
The red dot on the right of the mill is the historical plaque

Yes-my feet, I decided to take a moment and listen to the birds and enjoy the sun.

One Sunday it was cold and rainy, so we hopped in the car and went in search of somewhere to enjoy lunch. We ended up on one of those picturesque french roads, that is really just one car wide, but has stripes down the middle. I took a photo to from inside the car to show you the proportions. Do note the scene in front of us on that small windy road.
If you can see it, there is a village on top of the hill
After lunch we took a small walk to see the village, Mont Saint Jean. However it started to rain and cut our walk a little short. There is a chateau here too, but I did not get any photos this time...maybe next time.
Mont St. Jean

I enjoy the countryside. Here is one photo near Messanges again, and the other near Chambolle-Musigny.
Ah those grapevines and flowering fruit trees
And just as an added measure, a few more photos to show off spring.
Flower pot in Gevrey

In the neighborhood
Same day when I was out on my walk, I took this photo of "going to the market".
I really need to get my bike out of the garage, washed up and tires pumped and use it to go to market!! My basket is on the front, I do not have the panniers on the back like this bike.

Yesterday, Keith and I both thought to surprise each other. I had gone over to Chambolle-Musigny for their Fete, and I found some goat cheese. Keith on coming home from Bligny, stopped at a little shop on a goat farm and bought some goat cheese. Mmmm, guess what we had last night.
Fresh goat cheese "artisinal"
Keith has been out on his bike increasing his kilometers with each ride. Also he has started to make a new light for the upstairs hall (stained glass light). He is busy in the garage (his workshop) as I write.
In pottery I am working on a large lizard. Finished his body and letting him dry so I can paint him. As for photo club, had to get my three photos in this last week. The theme is 3...sooo two of the photos had to have the theme of 3 and the 3rd photo had to be some kind pf portrait. The Expo is not until May.
A couple of you might recognize this photo!

second photo with 3

Did not want to do a "portrait" so did a family tree!!

Kind of ran out of steam at the end...
So that brings us to the end of the month, or to the beginning of April.

Pear Salad
This salad is so good and yet so easy.


1 pear ( fresh better, but a well drained canned might work)

hand full of walnuts

4 oz of roquefort cheese

2 large handfuls of lettuce (I prefer small mescalin)

vinaigrette with honey

Toss together and enjoy

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