Friday, August 16, 2019

Feb 25 2019 at Mesa Arizona

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

The first week it was cold and there was SNOW!


Hey I came to the desert for warm sunny days.

Thursday Feb 22

I spent a wonderful day with Marsha. We had lunch at the New Wave in Scottsdale, then a little shopping at the mall, then a tour of Scottsdale and then a Gelato. It was so good, even if it was cold outside! After that more shopping in Fountain Hills. Thanks Marsha for a wonderful day. and the help with the shoes, love both pairs.

Friday Feb 23rd

Friday I had dinner with a Trudeau cousin, Val Trudeau Hickner, husband John Hickner and 2 daughters.
I only have one photo, Val and grandson Isaac (group photo was fuzzy).
What is in your hand Val 
Enjoyed dinner at a great Italian resaurant. Lots of food passed around the table. Fun evening.


Saturday was the big move to the rental house. First, Katie and I had priorities, a hike and the Art Fair of Fountain Hills.
Days later, still snow on the mountains

Snow again, and cactus
Then the Art Fair

Game of Thrones pottery?
XXXL sunglasses in Black & White

Lunch break for awesome crepes at the park

Oh yes, the view of the park when the fountain started
After a great morning and lunch, it was time to pack up and take off for Mesa. On the way we had to stop at Delfalco's Deli....mmm

From there to the house in Mesa. 

Karen had come Saturday evening, so it was Karen, Katie and I for Saturday night. Sunday was the big day. Family coming over around noon or so.  We talked drank wine and talked some more.

And here are some of my photos from Sunday. The big photo of course is at the top. My candid photos with the new camera, not always so good!! Sorry folks. And some you moved in the photos!! 
Add yours below if you have some.
Names: Floor left-Nicole Wolf
             Next row left: Blake Wolf, Diego _ , Cecile Veeser, Susan Veeser Klein with Carter Wolf on her lap, Jim Argires, Marilee Vraspir , Daniele Wolf, with Marley Wolf on her lap
            Back Row: Markus Gurule, Marlen A (Jaida Marlen Arredondo Acevez ), Luis _, Mark Argires, Karen Ferrara, Andrea Argires Zittel,Marsha Kramer, Michele Argires Wolf, Katie Argires

Blinds did not help!

Andrea laughing!! Sorry Andrea, you moved!!πŸ˜•

If you have some photos to add, put them here. Also write a note so we know who has added photos. Keep this growing. Then send a note to everyone.

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Monday  everyone went different directions, until our Dinner with Jason. Jason is a chef who prepares dinner for 6 at his home.

Wine for us and for Jason too.

Preparing dinner

Ready for the broiler (recipe below)

Is Michele taking a photo of art work on the wall! 😲
And so ended Monday evening.

iPhone photos
plied with bread dipped in seasoned olive oil
and wine



Tuesday was the drive to Sedona. Ah beautiful Sdona. 

On the bridge in Sedona
And if you live there, you see these beautiful mountains daily.

Off to find a vortex site. Well, when we got there, people in the parking (that were covered in mud) said the trail was pretty, but very muddy. We took a look, then decided not to start down a trail that was muddy right there at the beginning. But a beautiful site for photos anyway. 
Next time the vortex.

My sunset photos did not really show off the beauty of the area. 
Someone want to add their photos? Or other photos of Sedona?

New photos....?
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Fun 😍 free 



Wednesday was another calm day. I had plans to take a hike with Mark. We went to Superstition Mountains, entering by the Lost Dutchman State park. Here are some of the photos (then my memory card registered full, and I was miserable! I checked every possible place to buy a new card, no one sells them...oh well!!!

in color


How many ways to take photos of the same mountain, but it was gorgeous! And the feathery clouds were perfect.
Then to the mining town nearby. Mark shared his phone camera with me (again with all the shops for tourists, not one sold memory cards!).

Photo by Mark

Photo by Mark

Photo by Mark
Great afternoon. I think I took some good desert shots.


Now Thursday, spring training baseball. This is one thing I have missed. I love baseball. Maybe next time I will go to more games, and even a Cubbies game. We had tickets for the Diamondbacks. Great seats.

Salt River Field

Enjoying the day




Nothing much to report. Went to the bank for Cecile and it took a little more time than anticipated. Relaxing day overall. Thai food for dinner with Cecile, Andrea, Mark and me. No photos.


Saturday was move out of house day and spa day. Only took a few photos when I walked through the Art Festival. At the entertainment center an Indian was dancing. I talked to him and he was from a North Dakota tribe. I admired his beaded shoes, which unfortunately you can not see in these two photos.
Other than that, relaxing and no other photos!


And now it is Sunday. Vacation is going by so fast! Started with a walk in the morning in the park, reserve in Fountain Hills. Dixie Mine Trail. Very pretty, but you start by walking through a new upscale housing development. Also, there was a box to put money in when we entered! The website had said it was free, it is part of the McDowell Reserve. Promise next time I will put in double.

After a nice hike we found an art exhibit. So we went in. He is a photographer and she is a painter. It was a fun visit. With permission I took a photo of her painting on tile. Dijon has an owl as its symbol.
It is copy righted, please do not copy, except personal use. But he is so cute!

We had dinner in Avondale (or close to there!), with Michele, Cecile, Andrea, Mark , Kaite and myself.  Group photo time also.

Ahhhh, so sweet

then Michele leans over for this photo too 😊
Sorry Andrea and Mark, I can not take selfies with my
camera, and did not think of my phone!!

The whole group


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Time is running out!  Andrea is leaving so she has to get organized and repack.
We solidify our lunch plans which will be near Jim's, you know the one Dad likes! No I don't know? It is/was the Hash Kitchen. Good food, but large servings. This place is known for its' Bloody Mary's.

We meet Mark, Jim and Marilee at the resaurant at 11:30. Fun lunch, good food, good company and too soon, Mark needs to take Andrea tothe airport.
Hostess takes our photo.
Told you the servings were large!!!

Sorry Jim, the focus was behind you. Although a
little blurry, I love the smile πŸ˜„

The group

Monday night was quiet. Katie and I went out for one last mexican dinner in Fountain Hills. 
Tusday I flew out for the long trip home.

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Eggplant (Aubergine) by Chef Jason Du
So so good.

  • ·        Eggplant
  • ·        Egg
  • ·        Bread crumbs
  • ·        Grape seed oil
  • ·        Whipping cream
  • ·        Mozzarella
  • ·        Parmesan cheese
  • ·        Basel
  • ·        Salt

  1.     Cut eggplant into 1 ½ inch slices
  2.    Salt and let stand to pull out moisture
  3.    Beat an egg in low bowl so you can dip the eggplant in it
  4.   Put bread crumbs on a plate
  5.   After about 10 minutes, lightly rinse the eggplantvto remove salt
  6.    Dry eggplant with paper towel
  7.    Add grapeseed oil to pan and heat
  8.    Dip eggplant in egg and then bread crumbs (sides too)
  9.     Brown until golden
  10.    Put on cookie sheet pan
  11.    Add sauce (whipping cream, mozzarella, and parmesan mixed)
  12.    Bake at 400° for about 12 minutes
  13.   Top with cheese and broil
  14.   Add some parmesan and basil over top and serve