Wednesday, August 29, 2018

August 2018

Août 2018

August has been a very hot and dry month. The grass is burned and I doubt most will come back. Today however there are storms forecasted. Not something the vignerons like to hear at this time of year.
And speaking of the vines, with the hot summer, the vendange has started. Most here in Gevrey are waiting until next week, but some domaines have started. I have heard that the grapes are ready, but some have said the sugar is not high enough quite yet. If it rains hard today, the grapes fill with water and that would dilute the sugar content even more.
After the storms today, we should have some nice days with the temperature in the 80's.
I read an article that this weather may last until 2022. It said it is a normal cycle of heat with some extremes due to climate change. Boy those extremes are hard..hotter days, drought, and bigger and bigger storms! On verra.

Here he goes- early one morning
Not a lot of excitement around the Klein household this month. At the beginning of the month Keith took off for a 3 week bike tour of the west. Bretagne was a little cooler so he headed there for cooler days. His blog is at : KEITH -bike blog
He changed blog sites this year.

As for me, I sat around the house with fans on me. The cat and I suffered in silence, well not so much silence for the cat. He would come in every so often and complain.

I did go out and take some more photos . Not much for flowers since they are all dried up, but  some photos of the villages. I spent an afternoon and took photos of L'Etang-Vergy and then returned to the church in Reulle-Vergy to re-take a few photos.

The old lavoir in L'Etang-Vergy. It is on the river Meuzin.
A lavoir is a wash house. The river to the right and water for the
Lavoir  to the left of it (it is darker and brown because of the shade)

A very large church in L'Etang-Vergy. It was not built until 1859.
The church Saint Charles Borromée. Before they
went to the church in Reulle-Vergy, about 2.5 km away

I found the design on this house interesting.
Then to the church in Reulle-Vergy, Saint Saturnin.
Church Saint Saturnin
Started in the XII century and the nave was added in the XVI century

A grave stone
"I have been what you are,
You will become what I am"

I have played with some photos. I  have been trying to take photos "camera obscura". This is how old photos were taken. Not always in focus., but a big box that let light in and imprinted the scene on the film. I had looked it up and there is a way to do it with todays digital camera. Crude method, but fun to play with. Per instructions on the internet, you take off the lens. With the cap, you make of hole, then glue foil over the hole and make a minute hole (petit petit petit) in the foil.

Then you take a photo without any lens.. You have to give it some exposure time. Like I said this is a crude method. If one really wants to do this, you need to build a camera and use film. Most photos will be out of focus. But it consumed some time and I was amused.
Exposed for 30 seconds, and I added the white vignette
around the edges.
That is all from here in Gevrey this month.

Recipe of the Month
Tarte aux pêches
It is the season for peaches, and they are really good at this time of year. Here is an easy recipe for a peach tart with almond cream.


Almond Creme
  • 125 grams unsalted butter, room temperature (4.4 oz)
  • 1/2 cup granulated sugar
  • 2 eggs,. room temperature,
  • 3/4 cup almond flour
  • 2 tablespoons all-purpose flour

  • 4-6 ripe peaches, peeled and cut into slices, depends somewhat on the size of the tart pan.  If you use fewer peaches, the almond creme puffs up between and turns a dark brown when cooking...ummm.
PREPARATION (preheat oven 375°)

  1. Either buy or prepare a pie crust. I had a sweet crust, "pâte sablée".
  2. Put the crust in your tarte form.
  3. Add the Almond creme into the crust, level it. Get it to the edge.
  4. Arrange the slices of pear evenly on top of the Almond Creme.
  5. Bake 35-40 minutes
Should be a little brown on the edge of peaches, not too much. I then used a packet of "glaze" to make the peaches nice and shiny.  Sooo good.

Monday, August 13, 2018


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Testing calendar

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

July 2018

Although the garden is suffering from lack of water, the vines are green
Juillet 2018

Mid summer, and hot days. The heat wave is strong and alive here in France. Our days have been 30-35 degrees and little or no water in the form of rain.
We had one short and voracious storm the 15th of July. Here in Gevrey we had pea size hail. Further south (Corgoloin), some vines were completely wiped out. We still have the month of August to worry about.

With the hot weather and company passing through, this has been a slow month for major accomplishments! But that is summer.

I did walk through a few villages for photos (the ongoing photo book on the 16 villages of the Hautes Côtes). The project is taking longer than I thought, but hopefully the final book will be worth the pain.
Here are just a couple of photos.
Bévy under the hot sun

Old rusty wagon with a little vignette 
These stone buildings often found in the vines
as a shelter, called Cabotte. This is in the back of
a house garden
Détain...a friend  of MT had animals in the village

Détain... animals

Détain... animals

Lavoir de Détain -
where you knelt on the stone floor and
washed your cloths. Usually it is spring fed 
Little chapel of Détain

At Détain et Bruant. Michelin made wall plaques
  in the villages . Few are left here and there
This is a rare square post by Michelin
Tried to take a little walk one day from the abbey of Citeaux. Did not find a the path, but found mosquitoes.  I took a few flower photos while walking.


Blackberry flower- Elmleaf Blackberry
While company was here, we did some wine tasting, what else.

One night, one of our guests and I sat on the lawn taking photos of the darking sky. The storm never materialized, but I played with the photos that I took. Every so often I head into the land of experimentation. Same photo, just different black and white effects.
dark and dramatic

lighter version and a vignette 

Our friend from London area was here, and the two of us went south and explored Arles. Only had 2 nights there, and  so much to see. Arles is steeped in Roman history. Gaius Marius started a canal in 102 BC and Caesar used it as a trade center (it is on the river Rhone which empties in the Mediterranean sea). So it has some old Roman ruins.
The old forum is now a vibrant restaurant Place

The theater, still used

Amphitheater... Chariot races, gladiators and more
Still used today for events. Could empty 25,000
people in 10 minutes (or said a guide I overheard)

Lions  guarding the entrance at the bridge
 (the bridge is no longer there)

Overlooking Arles from the Ampitheater tower
The morning before our train left Arles, we walked in the footsteps of Vincent Van Gogh. It was an interesting tour, and if it hadn't been 35°, and we may have viewed a few more sites if it hadn't been so hot. But alas, it was hot and we ended the tour at the café shown below for a well deserved refreshment. We actually had seen more, not all photo worthy. And we missed some sites because they were farther out, and time (had to catch a train) and heat.
I took a photo of the panel with Van Gogh's painting and then of the reality of today.

Bridge in the way (on the right)
Boxes piled at the arch, tree is bigger by alot
and the bridge totally redone for cars
Stairs still there

Van Gogh painting_ Place de Forum
And here...I am standing in the restaurant next to
Van Gogh's ..with the glass partition and a huge umbrella
to my right, impossible for the same angle
Hosptial where he spent time

Beautiful garden, I could not get the same angle
He painted  from the second story
Trees grew a lot too.
Keith and I went out to dinner at a restaurant in Nuits Saint Goerges. Just had to add one photo.
My starter was  cold mushroom soup with summer truffles
on top and croutons.Note that the bowl is ice! It was wonderful
Duck for the main course..miam

Then to end the month, we went to a wedding (Saturday) and a picnic on Sunday (part of wedding festivities).
There were FOUR lambs roasting for the Sunday picnic!
One great chef working hard

Recipe of the Month
It is hot and cooking in a hot kitchen is not pleasant. It is the time for cold soups. Try this refreshing soup.

Serves 6

  • 2 c. Greek yogurt
  • 1 c. vegetable broth
  • 2  cucumbers,peeled and diced
  • 4 green onions chopped
  • 2 tbsp. chopped fresh dill 
  • 2 tbsp. chopped fresh parsley
  • 4 tsp. fresh lemon juice
  • 2 tsp. salt
  1. In a large bowl, combine Greek yogurt and  broth; set aside. 
  2. In a food processor, blend about one cucumber, the green onions,  dill (save a sprig for each bowl to decorate), and parsley. 
  3. When smooth, add the rest of the cucumber and pulse a few times to leave some small chunks of cucumber in the soup
  4. Add the cucumber mixture, fresh lemon juice, and salt to the yogurt mixture
  5.  Whisk to combine. 
  6. Refrigerate for 1-2  hours. 
  7. Put in bowls and top with dill sprig

Saturday, June 30, 2018

JUIN 2018

Evening sunset at photo club picnic _Keith in the middle with the hat

JUIN 2018

A month has passed and so has the solstice. Here in Gevrey it stay light well past 10pm.

Summer arrived with a bang. Suddenly the temperatures were over 80 degrees and we have had strong winds for days. Today the 30th, calm again and we can put the awning (store en français) down.
The back of the house faces west, and without the awning down, the patio is hot.
And the cat is not happy either. He likes the awning down so he can have his afternoon nap on the bench! It is a little strange when a cat sits there on the patio and meows for the awning to be down. When we can comply (non windy days), he jumps on the bench for his nap! Spoiled?

This month I met my niece Karen (Vicki's daughter ) in Paris. We had a wonderful couple of days talking, sight seeing , and eating /drinking food and wine (but of course). It was a cloudy and very cool in Paris, especially for June, but that is weather. Unfortunately, I was a little leery of asking strangers to take photos (and camera disappearing), so I do not have any of us together...OK there is one, but in my opinion one of us (the old aunt) did not take a good photo. But there are Paris photos, the beautiful city.
A ramp near the d'Orsay has been painted

We added a padlock here to commemorate our few days
And why not 

Arc de Triumph

Eiffel Tower   Did you know: G Eiffel-
BornDecember 15, 1832, Dijon

Rodin museum

Notre Dame

Self portrait---me with the camera
Les Deux Margots
Diner one night 
Les Deux Margots once had a reputation as the rendezvous of the literary and intellectual élite of the city. Its historical reputation is derived from the patronage  of Surrealist artists, intellectuals such as Simone de Beauvoir and Jean-Paul Sartre, and young writers, such as Ernest Hemingway. Other patrons included Albert Camus, Pablo Picasso, James Joyce,  Bertolt Brecht, Julia Child, and the American writers James Baldwin, Alison Machin, Chester Himes,  Charles Sutherland, and Richard Wright. What an interesting history.

When looking at ceramic tiles for the kitchen or bath, ever wonder why those white ones are called metro tiles? The underground transport in France is called the Metro.
Note the white rectangular tiles on the walls and ceiling of this Metro stop
Speaking (or writing ) about the Metro, some stops in Paris still have the art nouveau style.
I always love these.

I have been in the woods a couple of times. One flower I posted on Facebook, but will post it here too.
The seeds of the Solomon's seal flower

orchis pyramidal (anacamptis pyramidalis)

Ophyrs abeille (Ophrys apifera)

I do not know- (like a large dandelion)

Phalangère à fleurs de Lis (Anthericum liliago)

Lis martagon (Lilium martagon)

Limodore à feuilles avortées (Limodorum abortivum)
Flowers not open and a little past its time
And here and there some butterflies (papillons).

Tabac d'espagne

Le petit Sylvain

I have also been taking photos of villages and things associated with these villages. This month I have a photo of plaque that is part of a ruins in the woods of Ternant. It was a small chapel to Saint Hubert. He is the patron saint of hunters. This plaque is still in the ruins.
Another is a borne ( a road marker or property marker, old ones made of stone) found in the woods of the village Semezanges.
Horse upper right, a man kneeling, probably two dogs center bottom
Saint Hubert is often represented with a deer. Rays  from a cloud
center top. Rest unknown.
Saint Hubert is often represented with the illustration below

Photo of Ternant from above-

Old borne with the Fleur de Lys
What is it doing here deep in the woods?
This week also was out 48th wedding anniversary. Amazing huh! We went to a starred restaurant in Dijon, Chapeau Rouge. Lunch was very nice. I took a photo of the main plate ( called plat principal, not entree, here the entree is the starter..).
The sauce!! The waiter brought me more sauce!
It was divine

As indicated by the opening photo, my photo club had its' annual picnic, and this year it did not rain.
this was the 29th, last night.

Many still eating...this at Chamboeuf
Cows and people having a good time
He did not drink all of that wine alone! Keith actually
drinking some water.
And that closes the month of June. Now for the World CUP.


PAVLOVA ( named after the russian dancer who lived in France)

This is a recipe from Marcotte. She helps host the TV show Meilleur Patissier, much like the American Bake off, but centered around pastry, not baking breads. Marcotte is a food writer and has been co-hosting the show with chef Cyril Lignac.
This is really an easy summer recipe that works with most fruits. Start with a meringue, add sweetened whipped cream and top with fresh fruit.
I have left it in french with some translation. You can easily look up recipes too. 

And why not buy the meringue and go from there. It does not have to be a pretty bowl as in the photo, just crumble in individual glasses, top with the whipped cream and then the fruit. What a show stopper.
Photo from internet site Mercotte

MERINGE : 3 egg whites, 55 grams of  powdered sugar + 55 g of sugar, 1 tsp vanilla sugar
La meringue : 3 blancs d’oeufs, 55g de sucre glace + 55g de sucre semoule, 1cs de sucre vanillé.

Cook 1 hour at 110 celsius ( I have since found that it is best then to turn off oven and let it sit for 2 hours to further dry out. I still get slightly browned meringue, and still working on it. Mercotte says to open oven door and leave in the oven.
Cuire 1h 10 à 110° à moduler en fonction du four. Laissez éventuellement dessécher porte fermée une fois la cuisson terminée.

Here mix the fruit of choice with some sugar. Framboises below are raspberries
Le coulis : 250gr. de framboises, 40gr. de sucre en poudre, 1/4 de jus de citron.
Mixez framboises + sucre + jus de citron + 2cl. d’eau. Passez au chinois fin pour éliminer les grains.
Put the whipped cream at the bottom of the meringue bowl. Add the fruit of the season on top. Serve with any leftover fruit mixture.
La finition : Répartissez un peu de chantilly pour les gourmands au fond de la meringue et ajoutez les fruits selon le marché du jour.  Servez accompagné du coulis en saucière.