Wednesday, October 31, 2018


Octobre 2018

Happy Halloween

We finally have rain  and we had some snow on the 30th!! We sort of went from summer to winter without a fall in between. There were a couple of cooler days and I had started some of the work in the yard. I mowed the now dead weeds (even they had died with the lack of rain-finally). I tilled the garden, and cut back some of the plants. But, not really finished. Thought I had another couple of weeks before it would get wet and cold. Sometimes you loose when you gamble!

Went for a walk early in the month... having trouble syncing schedules with MT for walks.
Out with the dogs, Dolce and Flipper

Dried flowers overlooking the gorge

Dogs and played with lighting a little
One day I went into the vineyard to work on the camera obscura. As I explained last time, there is not lens on the camera, so no setting for F-stop, no settings for distance, nothing! All you have is a very small hole.
There is a very small hole in the middle of the white
circle. This is not a lens, it is just the cover to
the camera body. Using this cover or cap, one can
make a pinhole camera
Now for photos of the vines

DId some pinhole photos of this maisonette. Posted one below

Wall and maisonette
same wall looking the other way- black and white

Leftover grapes after the harvest

Looking towards the cemetery
Pinhole...remember, no focus or auto focus possible
I added some vignette around the edges
We had one exposition this month. It has been 100 years since the end of WWI. Our association did some panels on Women in the War. There was a man with an extraordinary collection of military artifacts. I have of picture of some of the men in uniform!
Do you know who is who?
Gevrey is having an exposition the week of November 11. Lots of work to do yet!

Like the small doors in the walls here!
This last weekend a friend that Keith had worked with on bike tours stopped by.
On Saturday we went to Nuits-Saint-Georges to the F锚te du Bouru. Bouru is grape juice that has started to ferment, so very slightly alcoholic. It was possible to taste wine from different winemakers and lots of good things to eat also. We bought some chocolate from a Monsieur who won the competition for the best in the world! Oh it was good.

pretty chocolate too, an soooooo good
Only 9 pieces 馃槬

World Champion
Not a lot to add to this months blog. Maybe I am getting boring or everything is very normal and I do not call it out as something to tell you about.
Should add that Keith has had a bad foot for a couple days. The x-ray did not show any fractures, but probably a good case for arthritis. Ah getting old.

Recipe of the Month
Ganache au Chocolat
It is used to cover cakes and to make candy such as Truffles. There are many variations, so look up some and try them.

  • 20 cl of fresh cream
  • 200 g of pastry chocolate

  1. Bring the cream to the boil and pour over the broken chocolate into small pieces.
  2. Cover and let it wait for 2 to 3 minutes.
  3. Stir vigorously with a whisk to obtain a smooth preparation.
  4. Let cool to room temperature.
  5. This ganache is simple:put in a baked pie crust and then refrigerate for a chocolate pie.
  6. Chocolate lovers can also enjoy it alone with a little custard or topped with melted white chocolate.

Saturday, September 29, 2018

September 2018

Septembre 2018

Pinot  Noir from Gevrey Chambertin
Just before the harvest (vendanges)

It is fall, the official date was last weekend. But one did not need a date on the calendar to tell the difference. Suddenly the weather was cooler in the evenings, and the winds started to blow. We have had some very cool days too.
Continuing with the weather report, we are still dry. We have had a few small showers, but nothing sufficient. Our area has been listed as critical. Funny, Bourgogne has been known as a wet area.

Enough weather.

The vendagne (wine harvest) was early this year. Even with the drought, the grapes appear to have done well here. In the Haute C么te I saw some grpaes that were burned by the sun.

The vendange was finished by mid-September and the celebrations too. I have heard from a couple of winemakers here in Gevrey that the harvest was good. There was a note in the paper that the harvest was abundant too. The sale of this new wine will be in Beaune in November. Have to wait and see what happens.
Here are a few photos from the harvest. Note that faces are blurred, unless a public event, I would need to have signed permission to use photos if the person was identifiable.
Grocery display with huge quantities so the winemakers can
feed the pickers (vendangeurs ) 

Putting out bins for the grapes in back of our house


Dumping grapes into the carriers back basket

More dumping to the big basket
Bins are full of picked grapes
I was at our Assoc room when the truck with wine for
Phillip Leclecrc came in from the vineyards

One day we took a trip north ( 3 hours) to a glass company. There was a shop of course but also a demonstration area. We enjoyed watching the glass blowers.
Adding a foot
Spinning a bottle
Bowls in the shop

Also a pond with glass mobile and a red bridge
On the way home we took the auto route (toll way) and were stopped over an hour because of a truck on fire 6 km ahead of us.
Going between cars on a skateboard while
This month I went up to Paris to meet a cousin I had not seen in years ( I will not go into details on how many years). Took a few photos while walking around. I took a lot of photos!! OK, but I am only putting a couple here.
Palais Royal - 1985 installation by Buren

Others there taking photos too. Woman on a pedestal, literally!

Fountain and reflections

Metro port at Palais Royal

Left bank (Rive gauche)

Notre Dame  Rive Gauche
Then we came here for touring, wine and cheese. Caught up on family too.
the  H么tel de Dieu

 H么tel de Dieu

This was a hospital for the poor and ran up until 1970's
The Hospice de Beaune (H么tel de Dieu) was built 1443 for the poor.  More detail info here in interested. Really interesting place to visit.- CLICK -  H么tel de Dieu

Then a wine tasting. We went to the Marche de Vins in Beaune. I think it is under new onwership and has really changed. Still the walk through the caves always creates an ambiance.
In the cave that we walked through, here was some choice wine
behind locked gates!

Barrels line the walk way

Wine tasting bottle ahead-YEAH
Next barrel down
Last day we did some touring of Dijon. I had forgotten my camera! and so took these with my phone. The camera and I had some disagreements, but I did manage a few photos

Place Darcy- water resovoir -Dijon

Statue by Poupon - Place Darcy Dijon

Another Burgundian roof -Dijon

Place Republique by the Palace
Restaurants and rooftops



Art Deco period

Post Office

Lunch before a goodbye
(waiter in the back)
So that is the whirlwind tour of September. It has been a good month.

Recipe of the Month

Galletes (dinner crepes)

Galettes come from the Normandy region of France. Often one would drink cider with a galette.
A dinner crepe  here is called Galette , is made with a different flour, here it is called sarrasin flour (buckwheat flour).
There is a huge variety of ingredients to add to the inside. 

Go creative.
This was BIG, it had chicken, mushrooms
 and cheese inside with a mustard cream
sauce-hmm, maybe not diet food

  • 500 g de farine de sarrasin  (3.2 cups of buckwheat flour)
  • 1 oeuf   ( 1 egg)
  • 70 cl d'eau   ( 70 cl or 24 ounces of water or 3 cups of water)
  • 15 g de sel gris de Gu茅rande (about 1 TBS sea salt)

Inside the galette you can add almost anything. The photo was chicken, cheese and some cream. Then covered with a mustard and cream sauce on top. You usually have cheese and a little cream inside.Sometimes a fried egg and ham would be added, or just some mushrooms, or tomatoes or....I have had ham, fired egg and cheese inside with a salad on top on the outside.

1. Put flour in a bowl and make a hole in the middle. 
2. Add egg in the hole
3.Start to stir and add the water slowly. 
4. Let batter sit for an hour (it will thicken during this time). The mixture should be almost like a cake batter, not too think and not too thick.
5.If batter is too thick, add a little water
6. Heat pan (use a non stick is easier) Crepes or galettes are thin, not like American buttermilk pancakes)
7. Add batter and spread out to at least 8- 12 inch circle. Flip when ready.