Monday, February 27, 2012

Feb 2012

This is going to be a very short Blog this month. It is also a very short month.

Gevrey has been rather cold and rainy. Not a pretty month, but that is how it goes. Can not wait until March and spring. I have been busy as usual, always something to do; photos,pottery,walks, clubs...
( and you know it is my way of not doing the things I said I would do during the cold rainy winter...all those little chores I had thought I would tackle).

I forgot to show you my Christmas present lat month.
Keith bought it at our new small Gevrey market. I love  baskets and just before Christmas there was a woman at the market who made and sold baskets. Now I can go to market like other french ladies with my basket.
My beautiful shopping basket
Then at the beginning of the month we decided after 10 1/2 years, it was time for a new car. Our little 106 Peugeot had served us well, but needed a few too many repairs. So Keith started shopping around.
He found a slightly used car at the auto place in Gevrey. We moved up in the world, it is a 206 Peugeot with air conditioning even! When we had the little white car, there were always lots of other little white cars in the parking lot when shopping. Ah dark grey...well you guessed it, this is now the color of choice and it is hard to find in the parking lot!
Our new Peugeot 206
Went for one good walk this month. Walked part of the Tacot line. What is the Tacot line you say. Back in history there was a train installed from Dijon to Beaune with some connections to other villages in the Haute-Cote.
The tunnel was built in 1913, but because of the war, the line was not finished until 1921. This connection to Curley was difficult. The train went up 100 meters in just 3 kilometers. (Amazing facts from Sue).
The road going north from Gevrey to Brochon is a small road, with black top. It is the back road that the residents (people in the know) use.
1913 tunnel and Flipper the dog
The line was named the Tacot. I need to dig a little farther into the history books to find out why it was named Tacot.

While winding our way along on our walk, I noticed all the moss. It was a vibrant green on a sunless day. With the rain, the moss is everywhere. This is in the woods just above the Grand Cru's of Gevrey.
Mossy hillside in the woods
Working on a few new things in pottery. Tried an esay plate that I could paint. The paint is called engobe and is actually colored clay. Here is my first plate. It has not been glazed yet. Always trying something a little different.
Having lots of fun with painting
Keith has been busy as usual, repairing an old bike. Kept him busy this winter. And he is slowly increasing his riding miles on his regular bike. Still on the flat, but more kilometers each time he goes out.

I will leave it there this month.

Recipe of the Month
This is an easy recipe for apertifs. With summer months coming and inviting friends over to sit on the patio, you can serve these little nibbles. You may wonder at the combination, but try it you will like it.

Bacon and Prune Appetizers
  1. Prunes
  2. Bacon (not thick slice)
  3. Toothpicks or Rosemary twigs

  1. Cut a slice of bacon in two
  2. Wrap the half slice around the prune
  3. Fasten with a toothpick or  a twig from your Rosemary bush.
  4. Place on a cooking tray (cookie sheet with side)
  5. Bake at 350 F degrees turning once for about 15 minutes – watch carefully
  6. Let cool before serving – that prune gets hot