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May 2011

I love poppies- such an brillant red
May is almost at its end. It has been a hot month, more like July but with cool nights ( "good sleeping weather" as we used to say in Minnesota). Here in Gevrey we have had "a little" rain, but drought conditions still are high this year over a large part of France. Most of crops, flowers..are early this year, by a few weeks.

I mentioned last month that I had planted my garden. There are flowers on all of the tomato plants and I have a couple very small zuchinnis already. Beans have sprouted, and the cucumbers too:  all is looking good. Can not wait to harvest some of the good fresh vegetables.

This again has been a busy month, and I have lots of photos. If I prattle too much and you get bored, just scroll down and at least look at the photos!!

Keith took off at the beginning of the month for some biking and camping. He went north. Note- above I said the nights were cool !... well, he froze the first night out ( it was about 38 degrees in the north that week) .Wisely he  found a small hotel for the next night. Surprisingly he did not stay out camping for as long as he had planned!

In the meantime, I had a tour with my history group of Fort de Beauregard on May the 7th. The fort is not  old, it was built in 1887. After the defeat of 1870, it was decided to build a ring of Forts as protection against another invasion. I will not bore you with lots of details, just a couple of photos. The small village of Fenay bought the Fort in 2003, and it was listed as an historical site in 2006.
After that tour of the fort, we went over to Noiron-sous-Gevrey to see the canal. The canal was built by the monks of Citeaux around the 1212-1221. The monks needed more water at the Abbey of Citeaux. The canal runs about 10km  from Fenay to Citeaux. In Noiron the canal passes over the river below via a bridge -Pont des Arvaux ( bridge of Arvaux). Photos of the Fort and the Pont.
Tower at the Fort

A look at the fort standing next to the tower

Entrance to the Fort

Pont des Arvaux- Canal on top where  Herve is standing

The canal - I am on the bridge

On Thursday night (12th of May), we were invited to Savigny-les-Beaune. Keith was working during the week with 2 new employees, going through the Burgundy trip and introducing them to everyone-wineries, restaurants, hotels... ( pre-trip). In Savigny there is a Domaine that makes wonderful Crémant ( better than some champagnes). So in the course of events, it was decided to have a dinner party there; casual. Keith of course knows Greg and Caroline ( from the Domaine), and I am not going explain the other connections...too long. Anyway, there were 7 of us for dinner. We had a nice evening with hors d'oeuvres and Crémant to start, bubbling red Burgundy with the pizza and a nice Côte de Nuits (red wine) with the cheese course. We did not get home until after midnight. Late night for these 2 old f___s.

Caveau de Chambertin- place for our EXPO
My Photoclub had our annual photo Expo on the 14th and 15th of May. Friday afternoon we set up the Expo in the caveau of Gevrey-Chambertin. The "vernisage" was scheduled for 6:30pm ( vernisage is the opening of an Expo where, of course wine and snacks are served. The mayor or adjunct mayor comes to say a few words. It literally means to varnish. I think it comes from the 19th cnetury when a last touch of varnish was put on a painting before the doors are opened ).
 As soon as everyone (invited guests) had enough free Cremant, Kir and snacks and left; we cleared up everything and prepared for our party. We have an annual pizza party ( ah yes pizza 2 nights in a row). But this is a pizza party with a french flair. There are hors d'oeuvres, and this year grace de Lionel, we started with Champagne ( his 40th birthday was near).
Then on to the pizza with a choice of wines, red or white. One choice happened to be Clos Vougeot Premier Cru 1995. Hmmm not bad with pizza.
 It was sort of a pot luck too, so there was a variety of salads to choose from, and still a few left-over hors d'oeuvres. And then many desserts!!
Two nights in a row with wine and pizza! Really tried to focus on small tastings, 1 piece of pizza and lots of salad! Really I did!

Then on Saturday morning I had to be up, dressed and outside waiting for a ride at 5:45am!! This was our planned trip to Lyon (with my history group- Keith slept in, he did not go to Lyon-remember he had guided tours there a few years ago).
Our group had arranged to have a tour of Lyon. One member of our club had lived there many years and took on the job as guide. We had been invited to see the museum of tissue ( cloth) by a woman who had lived in Gevrey when she was young. She now managed the restoration of old cloth for the museum. Lyon was at one time the silk "capital".
We arrived, 21 of us and were met by our fellow member "guide " for the day. She handed out bus tickets and we were off.
Basilica of Saint-Martin d'Ainay 11th century
On the way to the museum we passed the oldest church in Lyon. We took a brief tour, and the priest came and added some information. He wanted to show us a few more things, but our guide wanted to keep us on track. We had a 10am appointment at the museum.
The museum may be interesting if you are into old cloth and lace, and period costumes. However what made our tour special was our guide at the museum. Since she worked in restoration, she told us what state the piece had arrived ( one in an old garbage bag) and what she had to do to restore it. Something you would not get walking through there.
Tick tock, tick tock....we had lunch reservations at a Lyon Bouchon for noon. Hurry up and finish the museum tour, and off to lunch we go.

A Bouchon de Lyon is a restaurant  that serves traditional Lyonnaise cuisine. They are often small, and it is "plain" food, or family food. Often it is hard to get into one, because the regulars eat there every day and have "priority". Our guide had made the reservation well in advance. We had picked  our meal out in advance so all went smoothly. There were 23 in number now ( the 20 on the train, our guide, her friend who was guiding half the group in the afternoon, and our museum guide).
Part of the our group
I had ordered ( as did 5 others at our table for 6) a salad to start. Then we had chicken in a cream sauce. This was brought out in a large pot and set on the table, as was the large bowl of rice. More than enough - 2 pieces of chicken per person. And that rich cream sauce, so good on the rice!!!And for dessert, Ile Floatant
More than a little full. And of course water, wine and coffee are all included in the price of the meal.

After lunch our group was split into two. One group toured the district called "Croix Rousse" and I went with the group that toured "Renaissance Lyon". I have included here a gallery of photos. Note the tromp-d'oeil below, Lyon is know for this also. Several building side have been painted. This is just one example. One other note is the traboules of Lyon. Alley ways made in the 14th century as "short-cuts" to the river, probably for the silk makers.  After the photos, there is MORE...
Basilica from below

Basilica -close up with telephoto

Tree with ceramic flowers- it was raining when I snapped this

Inside the Basilica - a little too much 

OVER THE TOP!! Everywhere you look!

The ride down on the Funicula

Corridor of a Traboule

In a traboule you sometimes arrive at these amazing courtyards

Another Traboule

Tromp-d'oeil - Building painted with famous persons of Lyon

This is at street level -Paul Bocuse Famous Chef in Lyon and France
We finished our day and arrived back in Dijon at 9pm. A long but enjoyable day.

Up and at it on Sunday morning, I had my shift at the Photo Expo at 10am. Drank lots of coffee. Went home for a short rest in the afternoon and returned in the late afternoon. The votes are counted in the afternoon and the winners announced ( if at all interested you can see the top photos here). I did not win, however I did come in 2nd in the votes casted by my fellow club members. It was for my Sedona, AZ. tree. Felt good about that.

I have continued to take walks in the woods. This month there are no cliff hangers! whew! More just some nice strolls in search of flowers. Although it is dry, a few flowers have managed to poke through. It is the month for wild orchids. With the little rain we had last week, some have popped up. Here are a few of my forest photos...and then there is still MORE...
Loved the light, sort of a fairy land effect

It gets hot sometimes and a drink is good too...just let me cool my feet

Pretty wild flower

Another wild flower

Now it is our turn to stop and have a snack..oh so good!

wild orchid

Butterflies in spring ---X rated photo

wild orchid

Wild Orchid
Insect on dandelion...called a Gendarme

look at all the colors of pretty

History club will keep me busy this summer. I need to start taking photos of the villages too. Here I have a couple of photos; one from Messagnes, Croix de Chevaliers at the old mill, and one from above of Chevanne. In addition, I have to start taking photos of the monuments in the canton (32 villages). These are Monuments de Mort, or War monuments to the soldiers of the wars. Then to, I need to continue to take the flora and fauna photos for the club.
The Cross at the Moulin Chevalier
Historic Flour mill( Moulin) of Messanges

Looking down over the vines to Chevanne
And pottery...have to show you the photo of my latest work. Roof or garden ornament.
My little kitty on a roof tile....of course I made the roof tile too.
This is sort of a copy of an old finial

Keith worked last week. It was a special private tour. You can ask Duvine Adventures for almost any bike tour you want, and it will be designed and priced just for you. This one was to have more riding and Michelin starred restaurants. So it went from Beaune to Macon, and with several one and two stars and one three starred restaurant. Of course it included lots of wine tasting. It was a good trip, but I had one exhausted husband when he returned last Wednesday.
This coming week he plans on taking off for a ride and some camping. He loves to go off with a tent and climb those mountains.
That is all the news from Gevrey-Chambertin. Hope I did not loose all of you with this months Blog. Now for the recipe of the Month.

Recipe of the Month

This month I am taking a step back. A few months ago I had a recipe for beets and blue cheese. This is a variation of that recipe, but a little "gussied up".
Although I took some short cuts so I could take the photo, it can turn out to look very nice on a plate as an starter.
Depending on the beets size, I think it is about 1 beet per 2 persons. Hope you enjoy it, let me know if you try it. Really would like recipe feed-back (good or bad).

  • Large fresh roasted beet-about 4 inches in diameter
  • 3 oz. Blue cheese
  • 1-2 TBS of creme fraiche or sour cream
  • Plastic wrap
  • Lettuce and vinegarette to add on the plate
  1. Peel the beet and cut off the bottom end
  2. Cut into 1/4 inch slices -from the bottom
  3. place slices on paper towel
  4. Mix blue cheese with creme fraiche to a "spreadable" consistensy
  5. Place a large piece of plastic wrap on a plate
  6. Put down first slice of the beet
  7. Spread with blue cheese mixture
  8. Continue untill all the layers are done
  9. Wrap in plastic and put the refrigerator for about 1 hour
  10. TO SERVE remove from refrigerator
  • Cut off sides to square up ( or rectangle up depending the shape of the beet)
  • Save cuts for your salad tomorrow, or go ahead and nibble now!
  • Then with a good knife cut beet into 3/8 inch (approx) slices
  • Hopefully you should have 2 slices per plate
  • Add salad and a squiggle of balsamic vinegar and serve

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