Friday, May 27, 2011

Banks and such....

This is a note to my Blog in between my monthly posts.
I just need to whine! complain! get on my soap box for a minute! get rid of my frustration!!

I know very well that we chose to live in France. However, I did not think it would be so difficult to get my money at times.

I decided to finally have a monthly check from my 401k.

What a problem! It is with AXA-Equatible (AXA is a FRENCH company and AXA has banks here in France !also?!). And although I have sited AXA-Equitable, other companies are the same. I did do some research looking into other companies to see if I could transfer my money.

The only way I can get my monthly check is for them to mail me a paper check in dollars!
No euros-they do not want to do thatno electonic transfer-they do not want to do that! I was finally given an honest response, they have looked into this and they do not want to do it.

I had checked with several other companies, and unless I had a US address, they would not accept 
my account. So much for that. Yes, I could use an address of family or friend, but I really like to be honest. I live here now. Open a post box, yeah that is possible, but then you pay a fee for the box each month. And it has to be forwarded. So are you ahead...and they accept a box number... hmmm

But I guess I thought in this day and age with a global economy it would not be that difficult. Think of the number of transactions that occur every day. Must have to have lots of money for it to go smoothly and not just a small  little check to an individual. 

And YIKES, the dollar to the Euro right now. But that we knew could happen, so we live with that.

Keith's check comes in euros ( of course there is a charge, but not a big charge). But for me, paper check arrives, I go to the bank. They have to fill out a special form, and it then takes about 3 weeks for clearance ( they do not accept foreign checks without suspicion ) and a large charge! 

Be interesting when I start my Soc Sec check next year. After this experience I presume that the Social Sec check will be the same.

OK I have vented. Thanks for listening.

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