Saturday, February 4, 2017

Janvier 2017

Galette des Rois

It is the new year and still struggling with the 2017 instead of 2016 for the date.

The 6 of January is the feast of the Epiphany. Here in France it is celebrated with the traditional Galette des Rois (the galette of kings ). Every year both the Photoclub and the Assoc celebrate with the Galette and a coup (glass of wine or crémant). There is a "feve" (bean) in the Galette and whoever has the feve, gets to wear the crown. The feve is no longer a bean, but a little porcelain figure, usually based on a character from a childrens' movie. Each bakery though has feves with different themes, and some still use traditional feve designs. If you collect the feves, you probably shop around.

We have had some very cold weather throughout France, but now  in the Cote-D'Or, temperatures have mellowed. Even a little hint of spring. However, it is only Feb and it can still turn cold.

Not a lot to report, shut in with the cold weather for a couple of weeks ( and yes, I no longer have the strong fortitude of a Minnesotan!!). And now with a cold. Not a good month!

I have had to work on what photos for the Expo in May, we need to turn in the photos by the 16th of Feb. The post under this one has the 4 photos that I am considering, and I need to pick two. If you want to add comments, please do.

The mayors office has made a film on Gevrey. Kind of a quick look at the place where I live.
Go to the site ( it is the site for the city) and you need to scroll down to the "Présentation du Village" Sky view of the City
The Reserve Naturel has hiking trails and lots of flowers, mushrooms etc. One of my favorite places to walk. Also the wild cat lives there, but chances of ever seeing one are zero!
Watch it and let me know what you think. I had nothing to do with this video.
(found the YOU TUBE version...Gevrey YOUTUBE     it is larger

OK a few photos of mine next. The frosty ones, there should have been more; I set out to take lots of photos, until a tree cracked and fell not that far from me. I turned around, got in the car and came home!

Frost and or ice

Reulle Vergy- row of vines

Then a couple frosty photos
Near Semezanges-where the tree fell!

Vines of Gevrey-( Reserve Nature starts on the left)

And a photo from the back yard
Sitting pretty out in the vines. AUTOUR ( Goshawk)
This month they are doing the census. I do not know much about how or more to the point when a census is done here. It is not as official as it is in the USA, each 10 years. I need to check out more, just out of curiosity. But we have now been counted.

That is all from here in Gevery.

Recipe of the Month
Galette des Rois
I am going to take the easy way out this month and give you a website with a great Galette des Rois recipe. It is puff pastry and almond paste filling. It is really very good and decadent, but only comes around once a year.
Here is a site by David Lebovitz with step by step instructions with photos.
You should really try it at least once.

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