Monday, November 30, 2015

Novembre 2015

On the 14th of November, I woke up and read some emails that said how horrible the news of Paris was. WHAT,??  I turned on the TV only to see the horror of what had happened. Paris attached for the second time this year.
Our liberty once again challenged. And it was not tourists sites, this was an attack on the french.
The world mourned with us. But also came the realization that this is a world problem. Other countries had been attacked too, not long before the 13th of Nov.
And the question is who will be next?
How sad that our world today is so fraught with hate. And it is within our countries, as well as from outside our borders.

So this month I will be brief,

I returned from Chadron Nebraska on the 2nd of November. Last month I said I would have a couple of photos.
In Chadron near the hospital

On a country road

Little raod with some trees

I have continued to work on "the book". Took some photos of the inside of the church here in Gevrey (for the book).
The church (église) was built in the 13th century. It was built on the site of the 9th century church that had been destroyed.

Went on a couple of walks this month, butnot many photos. I am onlytwo photos. The season for flowers and even fall colors is over. I went to the top of the cote (the cote is the hill west of  or behind Gevrey), for a walk in the woods. Have to admit this was also to take a couple photos for the book!
On another walk I thought the horses in the field were pretty,but this was near Arcenant.
photo in the Combe Lavaux-at the top

not for the book, this was over by Arcenant

Keith and I also participated in the ceremony for Armistice day. It starts at the cemetery and ends at the monument to the soldiers. After the ceremony there is always a glass of Crémant and snacks (orange juice and water too). It was a cold foggy day, so the stop inside for a glass of Crémant helped warm us up. Since it was 12:30, time to head home and have lunch.

At the Monumont aux Morts

We had a nice Thanksgiving here. Ended up with 6 at the table. Not a lot of Thanksgiving  decoratations for the table here in France ( go figure).
 The leaves are  all dead, so no fall leaves to decorate the table. So the table decor was sparse. Found cotton balls. Keith thought it was kind of funny, cotton balls to decorate for Thanksgiving!

We started at 12:30 and talked until 5:30. No football here to interupt a good dinner. Had a large turkey (have to order way in advance) and it was perfect. All the trimmings, even found cranberries and made cranberry sauce. Always enjoy a nice dinner with friends. We added a touch of France, this year a little foie gras for an amuse bouche and we also had a cheese course with some very good s cheese that I had not tried before. So many cheeses to try and so little time!

I am not going to publish a recipe this month. With Thanksgiving, you have all had enough food for the month of November. I will have a recipe for next month, promise.


Quick add to this: many years ago my mother made a lettuce christmas tree with cherry tomatoes and other appetizer goodies. I found this on "Dishin with Didi" site, closest I could come to the same idea. Not that hard and very pretty holiday presentation.

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