Saturday, June 30, 2012

June 2012

Looking towards Villars-Fontaine
June 2012
This month will be short and I will be taking a couple months off from this Blog.
I will start again in the fall.

As usual, I have been out in the woods here and there and looking for wild flowers. The bounty has been plenty this past month, and not just flowers.

Went in search of wild orchids at the beginning of the month. And yes, we found lots. The hillside was covered, but the photo I had did not do it justice, so I did not include the hillside photo! But there are a couple photos of the orchids.
As we neared the tip of Mont Myon, I took this shot


White wild orchid

A friend called and asked if we wanted some black cherries ( did I write this last month too)?
Anyway Keith went over and picked cherries. Oh so good.
Made a claflouti and froze some for a future tart.

Marie Therese's sister moved her horse to a new stable (ecurie) just outside of the village Remilly-en-Montagne. It is a very pretty village set up high on a hill. A storm was brewing, but we were still in the sun, so the black clouds of the photo do not stand out. Luckily we returned from up in the pasture with the horses, said our goodbyes and were in the car when the storm hit. For about 5 minutes, it was very difficult to see the road!
Looking at the approaching storm

A little time with the horses
Went to look for girolles in the woods. In english the mushroom is called chanterelles. With the damp weather, and now the sun and heat...they are all over. Nice walk in the woods on a hot day too.
Long bread basket full of girolles. Now I have to clean them!
We were in the woods that is above Chambolle. Here on the plateau, the grain is almost ready for harvest.
Grain almost ready above Chambolle
I will end this month with a photo of our neighbors cat. For some reason, he went out of a window to explore our roof (we have a velux window in the bathroom).
I am not including a recipe either. I will start that again in the fall.


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