Friday, April 30, 2010

April 2010

April 30, 2010

This month was taken up by my trip to the good old USA. Getting ready, going to the USA and coming home occupied much of the month. It was so good to see family. Marie Therese came on this family voyage with me. Because of my trip,this is going to be a short note this month and really not about our french life at all.

Unfortunatley when planning a trip, there is only so much time (and money), and we had to make some choices. I did not stay that long in Phoenix, nor get to Minnesota this time to see friends or to other US cities to see other family members.

First, it was Phoenix for a couple of days, have lots of family living there. The orange blossoms were in bloom while we were there, and the sweet smell of orange blossoms is everywhere. Wow, how wonderful. And I did enjoy having time with everyone, it was just too short.

One day while in Arizona,we all piled into the car and we took a trip to Sedona. Sedona itself is now very commercial, however the scenery from the “Vortex” was stunning. Had to stop and soak up some of the positive energy there (and take a few photos).

We also went to San Francisco. My sister Vicki came with us, so we had a few more days of visit time. San Francisco is a interesting and charming city. We stayed down on Fisherman’s Wharf, so we walked to the seafood market for dinner and sat on the bay to eat each night (vendors there sell salads, sandwiches, seafood plates....). Shrimp and crab, and crab and shrimp. Soooo ooo good.

One afternoon, Marie Therese and I walked across the Golden Gate Bridge. I stayed in the inside with Marie Therese next to the railing, but I made it across. While in San Francisco, we did a city tour on an open deck bus, rode the cable cars, visited and lunched in China Town, and did a boat tour of the bay. Whew, we were moving fast and trying to see as much as possible.

This Thursday our club had its monthly photo presentation. The theme was “Pub” ( publicity shot). I did not have time to do a photo and have it printed, however, I tossed this one together (and did not get it printed for presentation at the club meeting- it was not finished). Just thought I would put it here anyway.

San Francisco to Nebraska. My in-laws live in Chadron Nebraska. It is in the western panhandle just below the Black Hills of South Dakota. Our trip took us through Denver and then a small prop plane flies into Chadron (and what a bouncing ride that was). Our flight from Denver was late, and we did not make it to Chadron that evening as planned (flight was 3 hours late). We spent the night at an airport hotel and flew out the next morning. While visiting in Chadron, my in-laws took us up to the Black Hills to visit Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse (will it ever be finished -I've included a 1966 photo as a comparison). In addition to the great monuments, we saw a herd of buffalo (at a distance), antelope, deer, wild turkeys and wild goats and of course prairie dogs. Great visit and great day and also too short.

From Chadron to Chicago via Denver. I wanted to visit Chicago, a city that I love. Fortunately for us, my cousin still lives there (they are in the process of moving to Cleveland). Valerie invited her twin Tom and wife to come up to Chicago also, so it was a great reunion. And while in Chicago, we toured the downtown area and saw some of the architecture wonders of downtown Chicago. I really love art deco, and Chicago has it. Even the building that my cousin lives in is art deco. WOW! We went that evening to Second City and had lots of laughs. We also saw the University of Chicago and the F. L. Wright house.(ave you seen the "bean" in Millennium Park? Photo below..) And of course, a few nice walks along Lake Michigan.

It was a fun visit filled with many memories and a toast to grandma (for her date bar recipe).

Although there were four extra days, a large amount of time was spent trying to re-book our flight back to France [that is a whole story in itself and I will not whine here today..). But, as a bonus during one of our extra days, we went to the Museum of Science and Industry. That was very interesting and even went on the submarine tour. (U-505).

So that ends a great trip (OK it had a few hitches in it).

Poor Keith stayed home. He did guide a trip for the Paris-Roubaix (this is a one day bike race). He also went to the Alsace to check the new route for a bike tour there. While there, he broke a tooth. So he has been going to the dentist to get a cap for that tooth. My poor husband, left behind to work while I toured the US and then he broke a tooth.

This week he is at the annual meeting that is in the south of France. He will be home tomorrow (April 30th). He has two tours for the month of May, here in the Cote D’Or. So the summer tourist season has started.

Busy May coming up.

There is no recipe this month. I am following a low fat diet and experimenting with recipes. Will have a low fat recipe for next month (I hope). It is May and a great time for vegetables. Asparagas is in the stores and I am eating a lot of it. Just put in boiling water for about 4 minutes (thin stalks), and eat plain or with a little lemon. Got to love goooood.

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