Sunday, August 30, 2009

American Heath Care issue

Hello to one and all,

Before I post my regualr Blog, I have to write about the American Health Care.

I have seen estimates that 47 million people are without health care in the United States. Many do not get necessary care because they can not afford the $100+ office call. Some have been refused care at emergency rooms. The U.S. is a prosperous nation, it is a world leader and yet there are 47 million people with out heathcare!! Does this not bother you?

I remember a report when I still lived in the U.S. of a business man. His wife got sick, terminal disease. He quit his job to take care of her, and then he paid all the medical bills after she died. He had to sell everything he had to pay these bills. So he sold his house, and now was a homeless person on the street. No job, no house... this could happen to anyone. The line between prosperity and total loss of everything is very fragile. If you lost your job today, could you afford health insurance?

I find it a shame that so many americans can and have ended up this way. Think now of the last years financial crisis where people lost their jobs. That means they lost their health care too. No job, no health care. Did they ask for this to happen? And if you are over 50, the chance of finding a new job is greatly diminished. I read that many of the uninsured work for small companies that can not afford to buy health insurance for their employees.

And what is wrong with "socialized" care?? It is really nothing to be afraid of! Ah yes, some say you will not have a choice of doctors. Hasn't that already happened with HMO's. Would you prefer to have NO DOCTOR? Who is writing these scare messages! And it is not always true that if it is government run it will be a disaster. Were some of the private banks run that well? Ah yes, deregulation!! Think of last year!! How many other large companies have filed bankruptcy or folded all together?

Was the "New Deal" such a bad program [ If you do not know what it was...please look it up]!! Was/is social security a bad thing (what we have now if it had been moved into the stock market...oh my)? Is Medicare a bad program? How about the Interstates that cross the USA? Bad or good?

This is the United States of America. The health care system is broke and it needs to be fixed. Look for how to help, not hinder the process. No plan is going to totally please everyone... so what is the best solution?

You know, my office call is 22 euros in total. That is all the doctor charges. And yes, I feel that my health care here in France is just as good as the care in the US. It is a government regulated program, it is a socialized program and no one is left to die because they do not have coverage!

So there, I have written my 2 cents worth. I know that I can not change anyone's opinion, but at least I have written this and also written to a senator in the last state I lived.

August 31st 2009

I just looked up Infant Mortality Rates. The United States of America ranks about 45th. The U.S has more infant deaths per 1,000 than 44 other countries. Is it really a great health care system that is in place right now? Think about it. Ranked 45th in the world.

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