Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Photo Poll

It is Feb. 14th. Happy Valentine's day to all.

I am in the Photoclub of Gevrey-Chambertin.

In May we will have a photo exhibit. The theme for the Exhibition is "Landscape of the Cote D'Or" , the department in Burgundy where we live.

We are in the process of selecting photos now and refining them for the show in May.

I have picked a few favorites of mine (7 in all), but I can only exhibit 3.


I have also sent these 7 photos in to be printed on paper. Sometimes the photo colors on the screen are better and more vivid than the printed result.

But in the meantime, which 2 do you like?

Please vote for your 2 favorite, and see what the results are. I have put the photos at this link. BEWARE they are large...

Click Here

The seven photos are in vertical order. Note that below the photos is the POLL area. So continue to scroll down. After you vote, scroll down some more. Below the POLL area you will find the RESULTS. Please do not peek at the results until after you not get influenced by others vote. Please also only vote once.

I appreciate your help, if you want to give me any comments: write


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